Communication course April 28 - May 6 2018

Tipo de curso: Curso de comunicación

Explore your personality and the way you interact with others in an open and reflective atmosphere. The benefits of this personal growth experience will be felt in your professional and private life. A limited number of places will be reserved for non-Scandinavian participants until 15 February 2014.

Curso de comunicación

Datos del curso

Inicio del curso
Sábado 28 abril 2018, 13:00
El curso termina
Domingo 06 mayo 2018, 14:00
Número de curso

The course provides opportunities to enhance:

  •  empathy and sensitivity
  •  interpersonal social skills
  •  leadership qualities
  •  conflict management
  •  understanding of group-dynamics
  •  self-knowledge

Communication courses of this kind have been developed in Scandinavia since 1970 by medical doctors and psychologists with an interest in Acem Meditation and self-understanding. The training is now also available to English-speaking participants, provided that a sufficient number register.

Each communication group has 6-9 participants and 1-2 leaders.

Typical daily programme 
 0815 - 0915 Breakfast 
 0915 - 1200 Communication groups 
 1215 - 1300 Lunch 
 1315 - 1615 Work tasks, walk, self-evaluation 
 1615 - 1745 Communication groups 
 1800 - 1930 Dinner 
 1930 - 2115 Self-activated groups 
 2130 - Social gathering, Diary and daily report 
 Ca. 2300 Good night


El curso está organizado por Acem Internacional Escuela de Meditación

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Registration deadlines:
- Non-scandinavians: April 1
- Scandinavians: April 15

Early Bird price is for non-scandinavians only.



Are Holen

Médico y psicólogo. Profesor emérito de la Universidad Noruega de Ciencia y Tecnología, en Trondheim, Noruega. Fundador de Acem.