Advanced International Three-week Deepening Retreat January 4 to January 25, 2020

Tipo de curso: Advanced Deepening Retreats

This three-week retreat is for Acem meditators who want to practise round-the-clock meditations and who already have ample experience from one- or two-week deepening retreats.

acem meditation advanced deepening retreat

Datos del curso

Inicio del curso
Sábado 04 enero 2020, 15:00
El curso termina
Sábado 25 enero 2020, 13:00
Número de curso


An advanced deepening retreat offers the possibility of meditations of more than 24 hours, combined with process-oriented guidance, as well as sessions of walk-and-talk and meditative yoga. After each round-the-clock meditation, an evening seminar discusses meditative processes based on the experiences of the participants. This facilitates the cultivation of subtle levels of free mental attitude and a mentalistic repetition of the meditation sound.

The retreat stimulates gradual, but fundamental processes of inner change aiming at opening the mind for meditative silence. Along with the rest of the programme, round-the-clock meditations seek to loosen the grip that time and body have on us. They help us letting go of our psychological investments and lower selves, facilitating the realization of aspects of the self anchored in a timeless dimension of existence.

Advanced deepening retreats require previous participation in altogether at least six weeks of regular deepening retreats of Acem Meditation, corresponding to 300 hours of meditation beyond the 6-hour level. If you do not yet meet this requirement, you should participate in a one- or two-week deepening retreat instead.


El curso está organizado por Acem Internacional Escuela de Meditación


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Cancellation deadline: December 28.


Halvor Eifring

General Secretary of Acem International. Professor of Chinese, University of Oslo.

Øyvind Ellingsen

Profesor de Meditación Acem. MD, PhD, Catedrático de Cardiología Celular en la Universidad Noruega de Ciencia y Tecnología. 

Thor Udenæs

Private Investor. Initiator in Acem

Torbjørn Hobbel

Acem Meditation Preceptor and Acem India Chairman